History of Relli's


The Coscarelli family originated from the southern region of Calabria in the small town of Saint Ippolitto, Italy.  The family lived on a farm and grew grapes, figs, and olives and also produced wine and olive oil.  In 1961, the Coscarelli family immigrated to the United States on the Christopher Columbus in hopes of bettering their lives.  Upon arriving in the United States, the Coscarellis settled in Lansing, Michigan.

Mike Coscarelli settled in the area and obtained employment at General Motors.  In 1968, he returned to Italy where he met and married Norma Spagnuolo.  Mike and Norma returned to the United States where they began to build their new life together.  The couple had two children, John and Anna.

John Coscarelli graduated from Lansing Catholic Central High School in 1987 and continued his education at Michigan State University. In 1991, he received a bachelor's degree in Finance.  In 1996, he opened Relli's Italian Restaurant in Dewitt, MI. 

At Relli's, every recipe comes straight from the old country. Every Italian dish is made from scratch by John's mother, Norma (Mama Relli).  Our goal is to give you a little taste of Italy with every bite.  John currently live in Dewitt, MI with his two children, Norma and Mike.